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Default Queston from Mfg.

My company has been building ‘high end’ pressure washers/sewer jetters for over 20 years. These systems have only been marketed to the contract cleaning industry. These are the companies who make their living washing fleets of trucks, buildings, houses, etc. In that industry we have an incredible reputation for quality and low cost.

The present economy has taken it’s toll on many of those companies we have dealt with for years and now we find ourselves looking to other markets.

My question is – and I have to tell you I know very little about your industry – is yours, the municipal sewer & water industry, a good industry for the type of equipment that we manufacture? In looking through many of the advertiser post I see that we have a few things in common but fall way short on the items unique to your trade.

Take a look if you will and please let me know your thoughts. http://www.envirospec.com
John Allison, President
A Division of: Hi-Tech Jetting Technologies, Inc.

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